Quality is the primary objective in every step in the production of an DAIWAECOCA machine. All components are designed by CAD/CAM, and experienced engineers are controlling the quality by progressive accuracy checks during assembly. Every complete machine are tested by factory trained engineers before shipment. A high precision product demands precision & attention to detail at the sub-assembly stage and creating the correct working environment is the basis of our approach. Supported by our quality control department the parts have to pass through our inspection procedures before onto the product sub-assembly areas. High investment, environmentally controlled assembly areas exclusively for head, gearbox, and spindle cartridges` sub-assemblies, are utilised. Dust free painting facilities ensures the products are presented at the highest level.To serve our international clients, DAIWAECOCA are now represented in 35 countries world-wide. Through our network of agents, customers can benefit from our computerised sales management system. support facilities offer pre-sales feasibility studies with after sales, training and service programs. The foundations are well established to secure the reputation of DAIWAECOCA in the international machine tool market for many years to come.

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