CNC Lathes



CNC Lathes

| SJ-20/23 |  SJ-25/30/35HT | 

| MT-208 | MT-308/310/312 | MT-412/415 | MT-518/520 |

SJ-25 & 30 SJ-35 Series

V12 turret has 240mm dia. precision curvic coupling for smooth, accurate operation and location.

Powerful AC spindle motor for greater power & torque over the whole speed range.

“Heard rail” design provides rigidity to the whole bed & base assembly, ensuring long life accuracy plus high positioning speeds of the saddle & cross slide. * X-axis 15M(49′) / min, Z axis 20M(66′) / min.

Dynamically balanced spindle ensuring smooth running up to 4000rpm.

Separate coolant tank for easy cleaning and heat dissipation from the main body.

AC servo drives directly coupled to ballscrews through adjustable torque couplings for operator safety & machine protection.

Thermal & mechanical stability provides repeatability of “5’gm”.



30 deg slant design together with carefully styled guarding & sealing ensures fast, efficient chip & scrap clearance within a leak-proof cabinet.


Ergonomically designed & user friendly control panel.


The rigidity of the frame & robust mounting of spindle, “9mm in ‘Z’ direction”.

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